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Can any1 tell me what is the use of Shell Scripting on
Manual Testing ?

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Can any1 tell me what is the use of Shell Scripting on Manual Testing ?..

Answer / naveen

You can use shell script in manual testing for automating
some of the repetitive tasks such as loading a new build and
verifying whether the settings are done properly or not, if
some library file movements are needed for every new
installation then that can be automated. Managing log files,
parsing the log files and fetching out whatever is needed
rather than going through the log line by line to make a
verdict. There are many more tasks that can be handled using

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Can any1 tell me what is the use of Shell Scripting on Manual Testing ?..

Answer / sumit

By work basis shell scrpting is like when develaper assign
case to Tl\Programmer's TL assign it to Testing Tl\Then he
will discuss the case with tester and assign to tester and
release the same

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Can any1 tell me what is the use of Shell Scripting on Manual Testing ?..

Answer / sharada


Shell script to print contains of file from given line
number to next given ... Shell script to say Good
morning/Afternoon/Evening as you log in to system .

A shell script is a script written for the shell, or
command line interpreter, of an operating system. It is
often considered a simple domain-specific ...

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