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some of the univesity does not ask any scores like
gre,toefl then what can i do can i apply for that.or it is
risky for me in the interview.because am not going to waste
my time for gre,and toefl.plzzz tell me abot this.

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some of the univesity does not ask any scores like gre,toefl then what can i do can i apply for th..

Answer / rohit...

don't worry abt gre,toefl .u jst concentrate on ur visa
interview.if they ask for toefl,gre then u can show them to
ur university acceptable dacuments and told unv not reqired
this.tell the truth.. say i dont want to wast my time in
this.i m very serious about my study.dont thk negative and
give ur interview with fuul confidence.u will get visa
easly ..all the best...

aftr geting visa tell me

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some of the univesity does not ask any scores like gre,toefl then what can i do can i apply for th..

Answer / lapak

Better dnt apply .. if u r not interested n giving GRE and TOEFL

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why did you got rejected for 1st time for f1visa, now iam appling for 2nd time.

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What Type of questions i will get?????

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Re: 1. Why do you want to study in America 2 Can you explain how you will be successful in a US university 3 .Tell me how MBA degree will better your economic position. 4.Many students haven't returned back to their home country after they finished their degree in USA. How can I believe you will go back?

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what is your university fee?

2 Answers   Delhi Embassy, ravi . i was rejected once in 9th dec 2009 in delhi consulate. Visa officer told me u dnt have enough funds to support ur education in USA . bt had shown 10 lakh of saving and 14 lakh of FD's and 7 lakh of bank loan so total is 31 lakh . and my tution fees is $ 14000 for 1 year and my course is 2 years . im gng 2 NYIT for Mastress in computer Sci . and my profile is like dat GRE 1030, IELTS 6, B.Tech 64% computer sci from india(PTU), National Diploma in COmputing Level-7 (Operation's & Support) from New Zealand. plz help me wt should i do in my second attemp im gng for second ime in 7th Jan 2010 .and also i have increased my bank loan 7 lakh to 15 lakh . and i took sponsership 4m my grand mother also . and wt kind of changes ill be do more ....plz help me guys

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hi i have just finished my bachelor degree n applied for MBA in USA university. and recentely received I-2O too. I amgoing to have an intervied after two weeks. well my question is i been to a foregin country for job n wokred there about 3 years and came back. is that affect to my interview if i say them the truth. pls help me

0 Answers   US Consulate,

hi i am sandeep ..I am pursuing Btech final year..i have an aggregate of 61% in Btech...i got 960 in gre...i got 77 in toefl...i have 3 backlogs..i have got cleared all backlogs..i got admission in 3 universities...DO I GET ANY PROBLEM IN VISA INTERVIEW DUE TO MY BACKLOGS I HAVE??? ..please DO HELP ME

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why r u going to usa?

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i am a student from nepal applying for f-1 student visa to study in usa. i have sufficent funds for study purpose with my maternal uncle being a sponsor from US. i have some ties to the country like, property, assets, and i am the only son. but there is only one problem i have score 62.13% in SLC but in 10+2 it is only 52.60% and IELTS score of 6.0. that means i am not a serious student, can this problem cause for the denial of visa, please answer it, if no then please suggest me what to do? or please provide me a reason for " why low marks "

4 Answers   US Consulate,

i want to go to US for masters, and my college requirement was IELTS NOT TOEFL..and my ielts scores are too low only 5 band and requirement is 6 or 6.5 so tell me what i do..can i saw the VISA OFFICERS or not??

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