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give me some brief idea about audits

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give me some brief idea about audits..

Answer / shilpa

audit is a checking done on roles n responsibilities of a
job with prior intimation.This audit is of 2 types.
1)Internal audit
2)External audit

internal audit:-audit done by QA/QC within the company is
known as internal audit.

External audit:-audit done by third party is known as
external audit.

any quries pls write down to->

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give me some brief idea about audits..

Answer / prabha koshti

An independent evaluation of sotware products or processes
to acertain compliance to
standards,guidelines,specifications, &/or procedures based
on objective criteria,including document that specify:

1--The form or content of the product to be produced.

2--The process by which the products shall be produced.

3--How compliance to standards or guidlines shall be

This can be internal or external as disscuss above .

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