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who is the founder of c

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / sathish

Dennis Richie

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / macdonald

It's Dennis Ritchie. If you really want to post an answer,
make sure it's an accurate one.

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / shruti

Dennis Ritchie founded C at AT&T Bell Labs..

the two people u mentioned are not involved in finding C..
but "B"
it was a language founded before C..

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / surender

Dennis Richie

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / parmjeet kumar

c was evolved from ALGOL, BCPL AND B by dennis ritchie at
bell lab in 1972.

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / k.dhinesh

Originally developed by DENNIS RITCHIE in 70's
Outgrowth of two earlier languages called BCPL and B.

1978,When Kernighan and Ritchie published a definitive
description of the language.

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / priya

C language was founded by Dennis Richie at AT&T bell labs

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / suman boddukuru

I am saying here only the best solution for this
question "Ken thomson's B language + Dennis Ritche's
cCompiler= Complete C language" ok ? No more arguments.
thank u

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / raghavendra

B language is also called as typeless lanugage, developed
by ken thompson while writing unix. so Dennies ritchie
written C compiler contains data types. then Unix written
in C language

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who is the founder of c..

Answer / tanveer ahmed abbasi

dennis ritche,s

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