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What is Capital Management

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What is Capital Management..

Answer / anurag

Capital Management is a process of utilising organisations
Capital in higly cost effective manner for the business
requirenment of the Company.
For Ex. Haghing of Money or take an simple one like in big
organisations there is TRESURY dept. and if they have realy
gr8 exposure for handling the money then they can get
returns out of the normal funds avilable with their

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What is Capital Management..

Answer / vinotha.v

Registered Investment Advisor, manages both hedge funds and
private equity funds with a multi-sector focus in media,
entertainment / leisure, telecommunications, technology,
information and business services, and consumer companies.

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What is Capital Management..

Answer / vinay

Capital Mangement is a process where you manage your
capital with that of your companies and also manage the
capital of your boss's wife.

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