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Answer / sasi kumar

Medical Records Department

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Answer / guduri

Required Minimum Distribution

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is it possible to enter closing stocks in tally in a monthly basis not affecting the previous closing balance of the previous months?

1 Answers   Gamma,

Distinguish between Piece rate and Time rate?

3 Answers  

why do u want to join bpo sector

0 Answers   Genpact,

What are the major responsibility's of an accountant? what are the qualities he /she requires?

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Accounting records only transactions which are expressed in ---------------------

1 Answers  

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2 Answers  

Decrease in the amount of Debtors result in 1.Increase in cash 2.Decrease in Cash

4 Answers  

What is double entry book keeping?

2 Answers   GMC,

what is meant by derivatives

2 Answers   Capital IQ, RRDonnelley,

why we debit all expences?

5 Answers  

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7 Answers  

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