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what is url

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what is url..

Answer / abhiram das

URL is called as Uniform Resource Locator. It is a full
address to locate the Internet resources such as document,
file like movie, image and others.
it categories into three part:
1. protocol part.
2.ip address part.
3.resource part.

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what is url..

Answer / venkat

Uniform resource locator

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what is url..

Answer / tushar sonawane

URL stands for : Uniform Resource Locator.
To access information over internet using web browser URL
is used as a address to access particular web site.

URL is the convertion of IP to human understandable form.
Users give the name of website in the browser which is
later on converted to IP address by DNS server. And the
request page is send to users browser.

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what is url..

Answer / dinesh chopra

Uniform resource locator....
it contain three parts

1 protocol
2 ip address
3 resource address

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what is url..

Answer / abhishek

URL stands for uniform resource locator..
Basically consists of three parts:

1.protocol type
2.ip address
3.port number

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what is url..

Answer / nksharma

Universal resource locator

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what is url..

Answer / hllo

Unit relational limit

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