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Avaya Interview Questions
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strengths and weakness

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How should the test cases be framed to validate the excel sheet?

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1)What is the output of select * from tab 2)MAC stands for 3)Purpose of NAT Protocal

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arrange these alphabets evenymroin in to three words

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What is the Broadcast MAC Address?

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Hi All, i am preparing for ISTQB foundation Level anybody having the study materials and sample papers may plz mail it to my id Thanks in Advance

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IP addresses range ---A,B,C,D,E learn d ranges of these ip addresses around 3-5 questions were regarind this

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IPV4 and IPv6 address bit?

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state the care that shall be taken while checking the diode


Are the equals() and hashCode() protected methods of object class?

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hiiii My Name is am doing my MBA(marketing)+pgdm(HR) now am in 1sy yr 2nd sem. my ug qualification is B.Tech(CSE). My question is in marketing different sectors there which is best for me and full of money. still one yr in my hand i have to get grip on that sector plz suggest me.


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