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what is difference between array and structure?

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / guest

array is a collection of similar data types.a structure is
a collection of different data types

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / aaa

structure uses keyword struct while declaring,
whereas array doest use any keyword for declaration.

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / chinmayee

array is a homogenous data types.
structure is a user defined data types...

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / sruthi

structure is user defined!

c program for printing employee details using union ??

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / priya

Array is used to store large set of data with same data
type.But structure allows you to wrap one or more variables
with different data type.

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / preet batth

1.there is no keyword has decleration only
1.the keywod struct is used as decelration and definition

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / uttam kumar das

array= array is collection of similar data items
structure= structure is a collection of dissimilar data

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / sajid ali khan

An array may contain a number of items all of the SAME TYPE,
including user-defined types such as structures (see above).
Structure: -
In the C programming language, a structure may contain
MULTIPLE DATA TYPES, also including arrays of those types,
and the structure becomes a USER-DEFINED type.

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / kunal

array is scope of variable
structure is a scope of data type

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what is difference between array and structure? ..

Answer / srinidhi

array means homogenious it can hold only its or char ,float
stucture means heterogenious it can contain 1 int,i floatso
it is contains mixed data

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