What is the difference between copybooks and subprocedures in as400?

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RPG/400 number of Records present in a physical file using file information data structure FPF001 IP E DISK F KINFDS INFDS1 IINFDS1 DS I *RECORD RECORD Is this coding correct sir,i have given I P E that is I- input,P-primary file,E-externally described. Primary to use RPG logic cycle,is this the correct method because we have to find number of records present using file information data structure in RPG/400 without doing any input/output operations on the file and also without using DSPFD,SQL. If the above coding is correct means,when i compile the program it gets compiled,but if i call the program it does not return anything,i need number of records,please complete the coding sir.

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As400 Command to find the Name of the Program to which a Particular Module is Bound..? Ex: IC210AMR (*MODULE) is bound with Other Modules which Forms Program Object as IC210ABP(*PGM) . As400 Command to find the IC210ABP Using IC210AMR..? Thanks

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How can we access Interactive job LDA in Batch Job?. and How we can access a file in interactive QTEMP lib in Batch job?.

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what is the necessary command needed before OPNQRYF and why?

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How can we make use of SETLL operation in CL?

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Can we used ovrdbf command after the opnqry file if yes then What will be out put of your program?

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?

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what is the difference between do while and do until?

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what is ment by "MDT"

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Hi, I am getting the error in RPG (All Record Formats for externally-described file ABCD ignored or dropped due to error; file ignored.) Please suggest any

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how do I play {insert rpg system here}?

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what is commitment control?explain about it?

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