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hi,iam learning testing tools in mindq.i want to put 2+exp.
is there any problem with that. tell me what are the
Interview questions for experienced peopole.
please give me the answer.

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hi I want the details about the following domain *CRM *Pharmacy *Insurance *Retail&manufacture If any one knows any information about the above domain, plz explain about those domains

1 Answers  

Why is the decision table testing used?

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How you will write test cases for integration testing? Explain me with an example ?

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What is functional specification?

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What is negative and positive testing?

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I am planning to write ISTQB Foundation level certification. If you have materials/Q&Q, kindly send to me. My mail .Pls help me

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you are a SQA lead on a project that uses an agile development environment, The lead developer has been instructed to write and initially-failing automated test case, then produce minimum amount of code to pass the test and finally refactor the new code to acceptable standards. based on above, Which type of SQA-focused SDLA is being used?

0 Answers   Home,

Explain the V-Model?

5 Answers   Ebix, Virtusa,

can anybody tell me the architecture for window based application and for the web based application for java as well as dotnet application(web based and for window based).its very very urgent pls

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Can you test a program and find 100% of the errors?

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I would like to know whether Zephyr, the test management tool takes a complex installation procedure.

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What are the valuable steps to resolve issues while testing?

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