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hi this is madhu
i have one doubt,regarding siebel
Q: is this is mandatory when we r doing join between a bc &
table , the table should extension table Reqired or not, can
we do the join with base table also,

hi this is madhu i have one doubt,regarding siebel Q: is this is mandatory when we r doing join b..

Answer / vishnu

i follwed your argument............
What you mean to say........
the thing is siebel have two type of joins .. implicit and
we know that joins needs a extra query for the fetching
data from other table.. so it impacts the performance. so
siebel is provided implicit joins that having relation ship
with base table 1-1. But it also needs extra query for the
fetching data for siebel. but those queries are normalised.

SO it improves the performance.

And generally we have to establish join between buscomp and
tables. SO its not important that whether base or extention.
the thing inter table lies orphan. that does not contain
any buscomp when we establish link between buscomps then
the intertable columns establish implicit relatioon ship
with in the buscomp. so we can directly fields .its also an
advantage of using intertable..

Now iam givng some examples you need to practice for
just contact buscomp to currency Table
establish relashion ship with Join
the above is very easy task..

if you follow another assignment. Contact and Industry.
its some what tricky if you do this you can understand tht
what behind the logic contain for the join..
all the best..
in above examples the join is buscomp to base table..
All the best.. friend

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