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What is nearshoring?

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What is nearshoring?..

Answer / bpo_info_guy

The practice of sending outsourced functions of any sort,
whether IT-based or business process positions, to a nearby
country rather than choosing markets which are far away.

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What is nearshoring?..

Answer / arihant kashliwal

Nearshoring (also known as "nearshore outsourcing"
and "nearshoring") means sourcing service activities to a
foreign, lower-wage country that is relatively close in
distance. Nearshoring is becoming competitive with
outsourcing to farther areas since the recent rise of fuel
costs.The customer expects to benefit from one or more of
the following constructs of proximity: geographic,
temporal, cultural, linguistic, economic, political, or
historical linkages . The service work that is being
sourced may be a business process or software development.
As with offshore, the term "nearshore" was originally used
in the context of fishing and other ocean-based activities
and later adapted by the business world.

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