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The Central zone won the Duleep Trophy for cricket with nine
wickets by defeating Which of the following teams?

1 South Zone

2 East Zone

3 West zone

4 North Zone

The Central zone won the Duleep Trophy for cricket with nine wickets by defeating Which of the foll..

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The northern part of Europe is called: (a) the Alpine region (b) Scandinavia (c) Benelux

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Buddhist literature was written in (A) Tamil (B) Sanskrit (C) Prakrit (D) Pali

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What is the ratio of the width to the length of the National Flag of India? (A) 2 : 4 (B) 3 : 5 (C) 3 : 4 (D) 2 : 3

21 Answers   BIDU, Cognizant, Court, CT Entrance Examination, DSVV, IOCL, Maersk, Onali, RIMC, Steria,

What percentage of the irrigated land in India receive water from canals? (a) about 40% (b) about 10% (c) about 19% (d) about 60%

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When did NATO start?

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Commercial vehicles are not produced by which one of the following firms in India? (A) Swaraj Mazda (B) Birla Yamaha (C) TELCO (D) Ashok Leyland

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Who assumed the title Yavanraja Sthopanacharya? (1) Krishnadeva Raya (1509 ? 20) (2) Devaraya II (1423 ? 46) (3) Virupakasha II (1465-85) (4) Harihara I (1336-56)

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Australians are able to grow large amounts of wheat because : (a) the fields are large, flat and suited to the use of machinery (b) fields are far from the smoke filled cities (c) they have a large labour supply and plenty of rainfall

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Which one of the following is not correct? (a) A preamble is a part of the Constitution (b) A Preamble is not a part of the Constitution (c) The Preamble of our Constitution speaks of the ideals and objects which it aims to establish & promote (d) None of these

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The state of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat on May 1, in the year ? a) 1958 b) 1959 c) 1962 d) 1960

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Which of the following is a mixed gland (I.e. which secretes both enzymes and hormones)? 1 Salivary 2 Thyroid 3 Liver 4 Pancreas

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how many branches are there in bank of india?

12 Answers   Bank Of India, TATA,