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The constituent assembly which framed the constituent for independent India was set up in?

a) 1945

b) 1946

c) 1947

d) 1949

The constituent assembly which framed the constituent for independent India was set up in? a) 194..

Answer / mayank kumar saxena


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Who made the Constitution of India? (a) The British Parliament (b) The Indian Parliament (c) The king of England (d) The Constituent Assembly

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Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox? during the Second World War? (a) Goebbels (b) Goering (c) Rommel (d) Himler

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The country which opposed monetary unification of Europe (1) Germany (2) France (3) Britain (4) Italy

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The first Olympic Games were held at Olympia (Greece) in the year: (a) 776 BC (b) 300 BC (c) 872 BC (d) 205 AD

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SA node in the heart is also known as 1 Pace maker 2 Pace settler 3 Pace regulator 4 Pace coordinator

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The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is called: (a) humidity (b) dew (c) precipitation

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In man, the absence of a Y Chromosome in a fertilized egg causes it to develop into 1 Male 2 Female 3 Inter sex 4 Dead chromosome

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Under what circumstances can the term of the Lok Sabha be extended? (a) Whenever the President dies (b) Whenever the country faces a famine (c) Whenever the Prime Minister wants it (d) While a Proclamation of Emergency is in operation

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Which of the following is used as a filler in rubber tyres? 1 Graphite 2 Coal 3 Coke 4 Corbon black

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Ratnappa Kumbhar, who died in December ?98, was known for which of the following contributions? 1 He started the trade union movement in Maharastra 2 He worked for the education of the weaker sections of society 3 He started the cooperative movement in Maharashtra by uniting farmers 4 None of these

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Who wrote Mitakshara, a book on Hindu Law ? (a) Nayachandra (b) Amoghvarsa (c) Vijnaneswara (d) Kumban

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India is set to have a revised or new series of the Index of Wholesale Price (WPI) very soon, as the base year will now be (1) 1990-91 (2) 1985-86 (3) 1989-90 (4) 1993-94 (5) None of these

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