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Biometrics technology is associated with

1 Identifying individuals by body scan

2 Identifying individuals by fingerprints, voice, eyes, etc.

3 Technology used in plant tissue culture

4 None of the above

Biometrics technology is associated with 1 Identifying individuals by body scan 2 Identifying ..

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(4) None of the above

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

The NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) came into force in : (A) 1968 (B) 1972 (C) 1970 (D) 1974

2 Answers  

Which of the following is not a cause of Inflation? 1 Rapid Growth of costly imports 2 Slow Growth of Individual output 3 Slow Growth in Population 4 Slow Growth of agricultural out-put

1 Answers  

how many depots are in a.p

0 Answers   APSRTC,

Washing soda is the common name for 1 Calcium carbonate 2 Calcium bicarbonate 3 Sodium carbonate 4 Sodium bicarbonate

2 Answers   SSC,

Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 are suspended during emergency caused by ? a) War or external aggression b) Failure of constitutional machinery of a state c) Internal armed rebellion d) Financial crisis

1 Answers  

The only condition on which India wants to subscribe to the CTBT is (1) neutralisation of hydrogen bombs (2) banning of chemical weapons (3) lifting of sanctions (4) total nuclear disarmament

1 Answers  

Which one of the following is not a major buyer of marine products of India? (A) The USA (B) South Africa (C) The EU (D) Japan

2 Answers  

who is that many times Cheifminister in Tamilnadu ?

8 Answers  

Sachiln Tendulkar has made a double hundred recently. He has equaled the record of 1 Ajay Wadekar 2 Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi 3 Sunil Gavaskar 4 G.vishwanath

1 Answers  

Which of the following is not an initiative underlying RBI?s Monetary and Credit Policy 2004-05 ? (a) A more comprehensive definition of infrastructure lendings for practical purposes (b) Increase in the lending limit for non-bank participants (c) Withdrawal of 15% cap on unsecured exposures for banks (d) Establishment of Payment and Settlement Systems to oversee payments nationwide

1 Answers  

Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?

0 Answers  

In which one of the following States the per acre yield of forest wealth is highest? (a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Kerala (d) Assam

1 Answers