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As per the Election and Other Related Laws (Amendment 2003)
Bill, it is proposed that corporates can fund political
parties up to – percent of their net profit?

1 7%

2 6%

3 5%

4 4%

As per the Election and Other Related Laws (Amendment 2003) Bill, it is proposed that corporates ca..

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(3) 5%

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Which of the following statements is correct? 1 The famous Sun Temple of Konarak was built by Narsimhadeve I 2 Kashmir never became a part of the Mughal empire 3 The Wodeyar dynasty in Karnataka region was overthrown by Tipu Sultan 4 The Sena dynasty of Bengal ruled from their capital at Puruliya

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The Super Computer developed by C-DAC is 1 Param Gathak 2 Ganak Yatra 3 Fast Smart 4 Param Padma

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What is the new capital of Andhra pradesh?

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Which atmospheric layer is most important for human beings? (a) Troposphere (b) Thermosphere (c) Stratosphere

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. Farm land tends to erode most rapidly when planted with (a) Sorghum (b) Potato (c) Wheat (d) Clover

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who is prime minister in india

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The country more than half of which lies below sea level and which is the most densely populated countries in the world is: (a) Sweden (b) Norway (c) Netherlands (d) Kenya

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Against which of the following announcements of the Central government, the truckers? associations went on a strike? 1 Increase in octroi charges 2 Hike in the diesel prices 3 Compulsory insurance by drivers 4 None of these

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The leading lady starring opposite Amitabh Bachchan in the much awaited movie ?Baghbaan? is: (A) Rati Agnihotri (B) Hema Malini (C) Shabana Azmi (D) Jaya Bachchan

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Hydrophodia is relatedto 1 Yelow fever 2 Tetanus 3 Hepatitis 4 Rabies

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Rockefeller family made their fortune in which business? 1 Motor Cars 2 Chemicals 3 Oil and Petroleum 4 Us Railroad Business

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The Headquarters of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are located in 1 Washington 2 Paris 3 Montreal 4 Vienna

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