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The Right to property is a ?

a) Legal Right

b) Fundamental Right

c) Free Right

d) Universal Right

The Right to property is a ? a) Legal Right b) Fundamental Right c) Free Right d) Univer..

Answer / ashish murmu


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India is the top producer of 1 Silver 2 Coffee 3 Wheat 4 Banana

2 Answers   GAIL,

?Eternal India? is the book written by: (a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (b) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c) Acharya Rajneesh (d) Mrs Indira Gandhi

2 Answers  

Why was Meera in the news recently? A. She is the daughter of the Pakistani President who extended an invitation to Rahul Gandhi to visit Pakistan B. She is the wife of the Pakistani Cricket Captain Inzamam-ul-Haque C. She is the Iran born Narwegian citizen deported by the Indian Government for violation of her tourist visa D. She is the Pakistani actress detained by the immigration Officers at Delhi at Delhi airport, who was invited by the film maker Mahesh Bhatt to attend an Indo-Pak Peace March of Nizamuddin Dargah

1 Answers  

The correct sequential order in which one would cross the given rivers while traveling from Bangalore to Delhi is: (a) Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Yamuna, Chambal (b) Kaveri, Chambal, Godavari, Narmada, Yamuna (c) Krishna, Godavari, Narmada, Chambal, Yamuna (d) Narmada, Kaveri, Godavari, Tapti, Yamuna

2 Answers  

Lord Bahubali?s statue named Gomateswara is situated on the ??? which is part of a sacred city of the Jains: (a) Satpura mountains (b) Vindhyachal mountains (c) Eastern Ghats (d) Indragiri hills

1 Answers  

Which of the following is the main spice producer? (a) Deccan trap (b) Malabar coast (c) Coromandel coast (d) Sunderbans delta

2 Answers  

Which of the folliwng is an element ? a) Ruby b) Sapphire c) Emerald d) Diamond

1 Answers  

who is the brand ambassdor UNESCO?

7 Answers   NCC,

The constitution of India was promulgated on January 26, 1950 because ? a) This day was being celebrated as the Independence Day since 1929 b) It was the wish of the framers of the Constitution c) The British did not want to leave India earlier than this date d) It was an auspicious day

1 Answers  

The term of office of the members of the Estimates Committee is (a) Two years (b) Three years (c) One year (d) Six months

1 Answers  

Which of the following awards was recently conferred upon Dr.R.Chidambaram, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission? 1 Kalinga Puruskar 2 Shanu Swaroop Award 3 Veer Savarkar Award 4 None of these

1 Answers  

The President can nominate to the Rajya Sabha maximum number of : (a) Two members (b) four members (c) six members (d) twelve members

6 Answers