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‘Optra’ is a new model of car launched in India by

1 General Motors

2 Hyundai

3 Toyota

4 Honda

‘Optra’ is a new model of car launched in India by 1 General Motors 2 Hyundai 3 Toyota ..

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(1) General Motors

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The first woman in the history of US Open Championship to have played 100 matches, is: (a) Martina Navaratilova (b) Chris Evert (c) Steffi Graf (d) Helena Sukova

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On whose recommendation was the constituent assembly formed ? a) Mountbatten Plan b) Cripp’s Mission c) Cabinet Mission Plan d) Govt. of India Act, 1935

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Which of the following film personalities recently adopted a village in Maharashtra to provide succour to the drought-hit people? (a) Amitabh Bachchan (b) Shah Ruku Khan (c) Aishwarya Rai (d) Aamir Khan

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World Population Day was celebrated on (a) Aug. 2, 2004 (b) July 27, 2004 (c) July 19, 2004 (d) July 11, 2004

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Nickleodeon, the kids channel, was launched by 1 Walt Disney 2 Star TV 3 C.Vaicom 4 Zee TV

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Nanda Devi peak forms a part of (a) Assam Himalayas (b) Kumaon Himalayas (c) Nepal Himalayas (d) Punjab Himalayas

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Which town/city in India has got a tower (minaar) named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah? (a) Mumbai (b) Aligarh (c) Calicut (d) Guntur

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Ninth Summit of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was held at 1 Bali 2 Goa 3 Delhi 4 None of these

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Who introduced English Education in India? (A) Lord Metealf (B) Lord Macaulay (C) Lord Clive (D) Lord Dalhousie

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Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, is made from 1 Dichloroethane 2 2-chlorobutadiene 3 Carboxy-methyl cellulose 4 Methanol

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Which of the following is the lightest metal? 1 Mercury 2 Silver 3 Lithium 4 Lead

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. The average elevation of Tibetan Plateau above sea level is (a) 2 km (b) 3 km (c) 4 km (d) 5 km

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