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. Bile is secreted by

(a) Pancreas

(b) Small –intestines

(c) Stomach

(d) Liver

. Bile is secreted by (a) Pancreas (b) Small –intestines (c) Stomach (d) Liver..

Answer / guest

(d) Liver

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Who has been appointed the new Solicitor General of India ? (a) B. Dutta (b) F. H. Nariman (c) Goolam E. Vahanvati (d) Soli Sorabji

1 Answers  

. First European country to hold parliament elections after several years under the rule of communism is : (a) Poland (b) Bulgaria (c) Czechoslovakia (d) Yugoslavia

1 Answers  

The President of India (a) Cannot be elected for the second term (b) Can be elected for only two terms (c) Can be re-elected for any number of terms (d) None of these is correct

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India recently got an opportunity for export mangoes to which of the following countries for the first time? 1 USA 2 China 3 UAE 4 UK

1 Answers  

In the recent past, a study by which organization found that popular cold drinks including Coke and Pepsi contain 30 to 36 times more residual pesticides than permitted? 1 Central Food Laboratory 2 Central Food Technological Research Institute 3 Centre for Science and Environment 4 None of these

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Cultivation by tanks is undertaken in which one of the following States of India? (a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Assam (c) Rajasthan (d) Karnataka

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. Recently America helped Columbia in the form of money for : (a) Agriculture products (b) Ecological balance (c) Plantation (d) Industries

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The book ?Cricket My Style? is written by 1 Sunil Gavaskar 2 Sachin Tendulkar 3 Kapil Dev 4 Mohinder Amarnath

15 Answers   Sail, Wipro,

?A Passage of England? was written by: (a) R K Narayanan (b) V S Naipaul (c) Nirad C Chaudhury (d) E M Forster

2 Answers  

Water rises to a height of 15cm in a capillary tube. If the tube is now dipped further in water so that only 12cm of it is above the water level, then the water will 1 Emerge as a fountain from the capillary tube 2 Stay at a height of 12 cm in the capillary tube 3 Stay at height of less than 12cm in the capillary tube 4 Flow down the side of the capillary tube

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The slogan ?When you are sure? is associated with 1 LIC 2 Airtel 3 Business Standard 4 Dabur

1 Answers   TCS,

The Joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is convened when (1) There is disagreement between the two houses on a non money bill (2) Disagreement between two houses over a money bill (3) The president address both the houses when a new Lok Sabha is elected when first session of both the houses are held in a year (4) All the above

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