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The first company to introduce a cellular phone with a
colour display is

1 Ericsson

2 Siemens

3 Pure Magic

4 Nokia

The first company to introduce a cellular phone with a colour display is 1 Ericsson 2 Siemens..

Answer / guest

(4) Nokia

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The first Indian passenger plane is named after 1 A natural element 2 A statesman 3 A bird 4 A warrior

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Which type of ancient script did the Harappans use? 1 Pictographic 2 Linear 3 Hileroglyphic 4 Symbolic

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Under whose advice the president of India declares emergency under article 352 ? a) Council of Ministers b) Cabinet c) Chief Ministers of all states d) Prime Minister

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Which of the following films won six Oscar Awards including the Best Film, at the 75th Annual Academy Awards? 1 Chicago 2 The Pianist 3 The Hours 4 Adaptation

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The President of India nominates to the Rajya Sabha members out of those who (a) Belong to the Armed Forces (b) Belong to the Backward Classes (c) Belong to the royal families (d) Have distinguished themselves in the field of Literature, Science, Art and Social services

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Which is the world?s largest living creature? (1) Indian elephant (2) Blue whale (3) African elephant (4) Giant tortoise

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How many members are nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the President of India? (a) 13 (b) 30 (c) 12 (d) 10

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Where was CHOGM-2003 held in the month of December? (A) Johannesberg (B) Bali (C) Nigeria (D) Maldives

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Who of the following invented movie projector? 1 Alexander Graham Bell 2 Benjamin Franklin 3 J.L.Baird 4 Thomas Edison

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Which of the following is correctly matched? A. PTI-Bangladesh B. Reuters-USA C. Associated Press-USA D. UNI-Iran

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Inflation hits the hardest: (1) Middle class people (2) Poor unemployed & as settles people (3) Rural people (4) Urban people

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