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German company Biersdorf A.G. is famous for

1 The ‘Nivea’ brand

2 Printing the book’Mein Fuhrer’

3 The ‘Ambassador’ brand

4 Manufacturing Mercedes Benz

German company Biersdorf A.G. is famous for 1 The ‘Nivea’ brand 2 Printing the book’Mein..

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(1) The ‘Nivea’ brand

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Plastids are found in (1) Animal cell (2) Plant cell (3) Plant and animal cell (4) None of the above

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How would like give the objective questions for asking in apsrtc OUT questions .

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I have attended the interview on 15th Sep. Here are few questions that were asked during my interview.

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What do you know about surgical strikes?

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Ultrafiltering unit of kindly is known as ? a) Nephron b) Glomerulus c) Tubule d) Venacava

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The Permanent secretariat of the SAARC has been set up at which of the following places (1) Male (2) Kathmandu (3) Islamabad (4) Dhaka

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Which one is the top exporter of cut and polished diamonds? (A) South Africa (B) The USA (C) India (D) Belgium

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Which of the following States will soon acquire the status of 8th sister of north-east states as it is being included in the North-Eastern Council? 1 West Bengal 2 Sikkim 3 Assam 4 None of these

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If a person with a spring balance and a body hanging from it goes up and up in an aeroplane, then the reading of the weight of the body, as indicted by the spring balance, will: (A) go on increasing (B) go on decreasing (C) first increase and then decrease (D) remain the same

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Laws for Union Territories that don?t have their own legislatures are made by the: (a) Lt Governor (b) President (c) Union Cabinet (d) Parliament

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African Fund by NAM is to (1) Help industrialize the African continent (2) Help famine situation in Africa (3) Help the liberation struggle in Africa (4) Preserve the African forests

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Which of the following is India?s first euro-II complete car? 1 Maruti-800 2 Matiz 3 Tata Safari 4 Fiat Palio

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