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Name the bestseller by Frederick Forsyth based on the Gulf War:

1 Fist of God

2 Iraqi Folly

3 Operation Dust

4 The Negotiator

Name the bestseller by Frederick Forsyth based on the Gulf War: 1 Fist of God 2 Iraqi Folly ..

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(1) Fist of God

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Which battle laid the foundation of Mughal rule in India ? (a) Battle of Plassey (b) Battle of Talikota (c) First Battle of Panipat (d) Battle of Haldighati

7 Answers  

Which one of the following chemicals is a neurotransmitter substance? (a) Adrenaline (b) Cortisone (c) Strychnine (d) Insulin

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Which country is known as ?Cockpit of Europe??

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The metal used in storage batteries is ? a) Iron b) Copper c) Lead d) Tin

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The age of the earth is believed to be 1 10 million years 2 100 million years 3 1000 million years 4 4000 million years

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Jayashankar Prasad was a distinguished romantic and mystic poet who wrote in: (a) Hindi (b) Oriya (c) Marathi (d) English

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Which one of the following statements is not correct? 1 Deccan Plateau slopes towards the west 2 Height of the Western Ghats increases from north to south 3 Western Ghats are complaratively higher than the Eastern Ghats 4 The north-western part of the Deccan Plateau is made up of lave flows

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The chief instrument through which nationalist-minded Indians created an all-India consciousness in the early period was: (a) the English language (b) literature (c) the press (d) patriotic poetry

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The organ in the body which accumulates iodine is ? a) Pituitary Gland b) Thymus c) Typhoid Gland d) Spleen

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Which place does India occupy among nations which have successfully launched satellites into space? (a) Seventh (b) Fourth (c) Fifth (d) Sixth

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. Given below are two statements, one labeled as Assertion (A) and the other labeled as Reason (R) Assertion (A): In India, the political parties which formed the governments represented the majority of seats secured in the elections to the House of the People at the Centre and the Legislative Assemblies in the States but not the majority of votes. Reason (R): The elections based on the majority-vote-system decide the result on the basis of relative majority of votes secured In the context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct? (a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A (b) Both A and R are true, but R is not a correct explanation of A (c) A is true, but R is false (d) A is false, but R is true

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The National Sports Day is observed on 1 25 July 2 15 September 3 29 August 4 15 August

4 Answers   CSC, Sporty India,