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Which of the following was the first vernacular paper
started in India?

1 Samachar Darpan

2 Shome Prkash

3 Bengal Gazetteer

4 The Maratha

Which of the following was the first vernacular paper started in India? 1 Samachar Darpan 2 S..

Answer / guest

(3) Bengal Gazetteer

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Green Box subsidies refer to 1 Indirect subsidies I agriculture that are allowed under WTO 2 Direct production related subsidies in agriculture that are not allowed under WTO 3 Subsidies related to defence production that are allowed under WTO 4 Subsidies related to exports that are not allowed under WTO

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Where will the first match of the 2003 cricket world cup be played? 1 Johannesburg 2 Cape Town 3 Durban 4 Port Elizabeth

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Bulk of the passenger coaches of the Indian Railways are manufactured at: (a) Integral Coach Factory Perambur (b) Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala (c) M/s Jessops, Kolkata (d) Both ?a? and ?b? above

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The currency of China is 1 Yen 2 Yuan 3 Ringgit 4 Won

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