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A moderator is used in nuclear reactors in order to

1 Increase the number of neutrons

2 Decrease the number of neutrons

3 Slow down the speed of neutrons

4 Accelerate the neutrons

A moderator is used in nuclear reactors in order to 1 Increase the number of neutrons 2 Decrea..

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(3) Slow down the speed of neutrons

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Akbar reigned for: (a) 25 years (b) 36 years (c) 10 years (d) 49 years

1 Answers  

What does the term sovereignty signify ? a) Freedom from British Rule b) Freedom from legal constraints c) Freedom from feudal rule d) Freedom from military rule

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Difference between credit card and debit card

4 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Who received the Wisden Award for the ?Indian Cricketer of the 20th Century?? 1 Sachin Tendulkar 2 Kapil Dev 3 Sunil Gawaskar 4 Ajit Wadekar

4 Answers   CoCubes, Infosys, Priyadarshini Engineering College, Saurashtra University, VIT Infotech,

?Victory Medal? is awarded in: (a) the UK (b) the USA (c) Russia (d) France

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Who among the following became the first Indian minister to visit the Indian research station at Antarctica? A. Pranab Mukherjee B. Jagdish Tytler C. Kapil Sibal D. M.M. Joshi

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Chariman of the Press Commission is (1) Justice K.N. Singh (2) Justice A.N. Verma (3) Justice R.S. Sarkaria (4) Justice S.R. Pandiyan

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The ad line ?Connecting people? is linked with which company/ 1 Hutch 2 Airtel 3 Reliance Infocomm 4 None of these

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A lower continuous layer of basaltic rock is termed as: (a) sial (b) sima (c) nefe

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The major aim of the five year plans in India has been: (a) self-reliance (b) quicker development of backward areas (c) the setting up of public sector in strategic areas (d) the establishment of an egalitarian society

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please tell me the name of the book or any other source from where i can prepare general awareness questio for bank po post..please help id is

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. The Employment Guarantee Scheme, a rural work programme, was first started in (a) West Bengal (b) Punjab (c) Kerala (d) Maharashtra

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