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Which of the following is used to coagulate synthetic fibers


1 Hydrochloric acid

2 Sulphuric acid

3 Nitric acid

4 None of these

Which of the following is used to coagulate synthetic fibers from solution? 1 Hydrochloric ac..

Answer / guest

(2) Sulphuric acid

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Mach? is 1 A Macintosh Computer 2 A game 3 A measure of speed 4 None of these

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According to the Economic Survey for 2003-04, India is sustaining the growth momentum and achieving an annual growth averaging ??.a year. (a) 10-11 per cent (b) 9-10 per cent (c) 8-9 per cent (d) 7-8 per cent

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Anticoagulants citrate and oxalates prevent blood clotting. This is done by removing 1 Na+ 2 K+ 3 Ca++ 4 None of these

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The aim of the Directive Principles of State Policy is to establish (a) Capitalist State in our country (b) Welfare State in our country (c) Communist State in our country (d) Anarchist Society in our country

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