Which of the following roofs provide better protection
against heat?

1 Cement slab

2 Asbestos sheets

3 Reinforced concrete

4 None of these

Which of the following roofs provide better protection against heat? 1 Cement slab 2 Asbestos..

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(2) Asbestos sheets

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The ?Gorshkov? deal signed between India and Russia values the contract at ??? (A) $ 2.5 million (B) Rs. 9080 crores (C) Rs. 700 crores (D) $ 1.5 billion

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Who among the following Sultans of Delhi had accepted the Suzerainty of the Timurid ruler mirza Shah Rukh? 1 Firuz Tughlaq 2 Mahmud Tughlaq 3 Khizr Khan Sayyid 4 Sikandar Lodi

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Which State in India has the smallest area? 1 Haryana 2 Tripura 3 Sikkim 4 Goa

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The largest petroleum exporting country of Africa is 1 Libya 2 Algeria 3 Nigeria 4 Egypt

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A smoothy rounded oval hill resembling the bowl of an inverted teaspoon in: (a) Kame (b) Drumlin (c) Dome

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Name the State which has recently allowed 97 universities in private sector to function? (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Jharkhand (c) Chhattisgarh (d) Uttar Pradesh

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Which of the following statemsnts is not correct? 1 India is the largest oil-seeds and vegetable oil producing country in the world 2 Inida is the second largest exporter of jute goods in the world 3 India is the largest producer of silk in the world 4 India is the second largest producer of three-wheeler motor vehicles in the world

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Recently, a Commission constituted by the Maharashtra Government under the chairmanship of Mr.Justice S.M.Dani, submittd its report. With which of the following was the Commission associated? 1 The death of Gowari tribals in November 1994 at Nagpur 2 The role of Sharad Pawar during the Mumbai riots in 1992 3 The recommendations of the State Government of the creation of a new State 4 None of these

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India?s populating is likely to reach at which level during 2026 A.D.? 1 1 billion 2 1.2 billion 3 1.4 billion 4 1.6 billion

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Mount Everest ws successfully climbed for the first time in 1 1948 2 1953 3 1955 4 1957

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The Revolt of 1857 began at Meerut on: (a) April 24 (b) May 10 (c) May 9 (d) March 29

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Which of the following statements is not correct regarding the Lucknow pact of 1916? (a) It marked an important step toward Hindu-Muslim unity (b) It left the way open for the future insurgence of communalism (c) Am important role in bringing the Congress and League together was played by Lokmanya Tilak (d) The Two organizations passed similar resolutions for political reforms on joint electorates

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