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The neutral atom?s two isotopes differ in the number of

1 Electron shells

2 Protons

3 Valence electrons

4 Neutrons

The neutral atom?s two isotopes differ in the number of 1 Electron shells 2 Protons 3 Valen..

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(4) Neutrons

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6. Pope Benedict XVI belongs to which country? a) Italy b) Germany c) France d) Poland

9 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

The unicellular algae which is used in space programme to regulate the supply of oxygen is 1 Chlamydomonas 2 Codillm 3 Chlorella 4 Spirogyra

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Dr. Ambedkar considered one Fundamental Right to be the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution. It is (1) Right to equality (2) Right to freedom (3) Right against exploitation (4) Right to constitutional remedies

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In which of the following games/sports did Geet Sethi excel? 1 Badminton 2 Table Tennis 3 Billiards 4 Lawn Tennis

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The at line ?Flying for Everyone? is associated with which of the following airlines? 1 Jet Airways 2 Air Deccan 3 Spice Jet 4 Kingfisher Airlines

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what is your big achivment?

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Akbar permitted his regent, Bairam Khan, to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca because: (a) Akbar wanted him to go on a diplomatic mission (b) Bariram had asked to go for religious reasons (c) Bairam had been rebellious and therefore Akbar wanted him to absent himself from India for a while (d) Akbar could not go himself and therefore sent a substitute

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. Temple Architecture was the most developed under (a) Pandyas (b) Cholas (c) Chalukyas (d) Pallavas

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The Annual NRI remittances are 1 Over $ 10 billion 2 $ 980 million 3 Over $ 20 billion 4 None of these

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The name of the ambassador sent by Seleukos to the court of Chandragupta was (a) Herodotus (b) Hiuen-Tsang (c) Megasthenese (d) Heledoros

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How much blood does an averge adult have in the body ? a) 3-4 liters b) 4-5 liters c) 5-6 liters d) 6-7 liters

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Which of the following is true about International Treaty on Landmines?1) After its ratification by 14 countries, it has become a law2) The stockpiles of landmines are to be destroyed within 10 years3) As per the law, all landmines would be removed in a phased manner within 20 years (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) 1, 2 and 3

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