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According to the targets set by WHO, polio will be
eradicated from the world by the end of which of the
following years?

1 2000

2 2001

3 2002

4 2003

According to the targets set by WHO, polio will be eradicated from the world by the end of which of..

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(1) 2000

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The council of Ministers is responsible to the: (a) President (b) Lok Sabha (c) Vice-President (d) Supreme Court

7 Answers   IES, MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission,

The region between 50N and 50S is referred to as: (a) doldrums (b) horse latitudes (c) westerlies

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The targeted growth for exports in the Sixth Five Year Plans is about: (1) 4.5 percent (2) 5.5 percent (3) 10 percent (4) 8 percent

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When was our National Anthem first sung and where? 1 January 24, 1950 in Allahabad 2 Janaury 24, 1950 in Delhi 3 December 26, 1942 in Calcutta 4 December 27, 1911 in Calcutta

4 Answers   SSC,

Rubber in India?s is cultivated mainly in 1 Andhra Pradesh 2 Assam 3 Kerala 4 Karnataka

3 Answers  

The population of all the countries of the world, except six, is lesser than the population of one of a state of India. That state is: (A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Bihar (C) Maharashtra (D) Uttar Pradesh

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Which of the following statements about liver are true ? 1. It secrets bile enzyme 2. It forms fibrinogen that helps in clotting of blood 3. It produces heparin which prevents blood clotting in blood vessels 4. It is affected by excessive alcohol intake (a) 1 and 4 (b) 1,2 and 3 (c) 1,2 and 4 (d) 1,2,3 and 4

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Which of the following is true in context of the president ? a) He addresses the first session of the Parliament after each general election of the Lok Sabha and at the commencement of the first session of each year b) He addresses the first session of Parliament at the beginning of each year as well as the last session held at the end of each year c) He addresses the Parliament daily d) None of these

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Which among the following National Highways of India is the longest ? (a) NH 1 (b) NH 2 (c) NH 3 (d) NH 4

9 Answers   Ignou,

In which year was the Nobel Prize for Economics announced for the first time? (a) 1901 (b) 1919 (c) 1969 (d) 1970 (e) 1974

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Which of the following regarding the election of the president is correct ? a) A candidate securing the majority of votes is not automatically elected b) The supreme court has no jurisdiction in any doubt or dispute arising in connection with the election of the president. c) The presidential election can’t take place when one or more state assembles stand dissolved because all the state assembles from part of the electoral college. d) The total value of the votes allotted to both house of parliament is much more then the total value of the votes of all the states taken together.

1 Answers  

Which one of the following statements is not correct? 1 No amendment can be proposed to an Appropriation Bill in either House of Parliament 2 No money shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India except under appropriation made be an Appropriation Act 3 Unlike other Bills, the Finance Bill needs to be passed by the Lok Sabha only 4 The finance Bill can be introduced only on the recommendation of the President of India

1 Answers