The organism living at the bottom of the water mass is called

1 Nekton

2 Neuston

3 Benthos

4 Plankton

The organism living at the bottom of the water mass is called 1 Nekton 2 Neuston 3 Benthos ..

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(3) Benthos

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An electronic device conducts current only during the positive half cycle and does not conduct at all during the negative half. The state during the conduction period is known as: (A) forward bias (B) reverse bias (C) nil bias (D) bias-in-transit

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Pick the odd man out. (A) Nasshot (B) Smart Dog (C) Norton Antivirus (D) Excite

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The Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from: (a) Asia (b) Africa (c) North America (d) England

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India?s first hydel power station has completed its 100 years recently. The power house is located at 1 Mumbai 2 Chennai 3 Darjeeling 4 Calcutta

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The term of office of the President of India is (a) Seven years (b) Six years (c) Five years (d) Four years

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Shree bagh agreement deals with (1) Ensuring rapid development of rayalaseema as per with coastal districts (2) Establishing a separate university center in rayalaseema area (3) None of these (4) Both 1 and 2

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The total strength of the Rajya Sabha is not to exceed (a) 250 members (b) 260 members (c) 270 members (d) 280 members

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A place through which data can enter or leave a computer is called (A) Bus (B) Keyboard (C) House (D) Port

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The highest score in an innings in test cricket has so far been made by. 1 Matthew Hayden 2 Don Bradman 3 Brain Lara 4 None of the above

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When the Prime Minister reshuffles his Ministers once and again, what does it denote? (a) The Prime Minister is very powerful (b) The Government is not stable (c) The Prime Minister is unable to provide leadership to his team (d) The Council of Ministers is not working harmoniously

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Which one of the following phenomena cannot be observed on the surface of the moon? (a) Rising and setting of the sun (b) Solar eclipse (c) Motion of comets (d) Twinkling of stars

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Which of the following provisions in the Constitution make Indian Constitution unitary in spirit? (a) Parliament can make laws for the states under some circumstances (b) Provision for All India Services (c) Power to propose amendment in the Constitution are vested only in the Parliament (d) The authority of the Comptroller and Auditor General (e) All of these

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