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The functional kidney in adult amphibians is

1 Pronephros

2 Metanephros

3 Mesonephros

4 Opisthonephros

The functional kidney in adult amphibians is 1 Pronephros 2 Metanephros 3 Mesonephros 4 ..

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(3) Mesonephros

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Pick the odd person out. (A) Amrita Shergil (B) Jamini Roy (C) M.F. Hussain (D) Mahasweta Devi

1 Answers  

Of the following which is not an elementary particle ? (1) Electron (2) Alpha-particle (3) Proton (4) Neutron

1 Answers  

Who among the following held office of the prime minister for the shortest period ? a) Lal bahadur shastri b) VP Singh c) Chandra Sekhar d) Charan Singh e) Morarji Desai

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Peter Nicol who was in India recently is associated with which of the following games/sports? 1 Hockey 2 Cricket 3 Squash 4 None of these

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Which one of the following is popularly known as ?Lady with the Lamp?? (a) Mother Teresa (b) Florence Nightingale (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Isabella Archer

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What is the term of non-permanent members of the Security Council? (A) One year (B) Two years (C) Three years (D) Six years

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The Indian Civil Service was introduced during the time of (A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Canning (C) Lord Curzon (D) Lord Dalhousie

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Who among the following Delhi Sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism? 1 Iltutmish 2 Balban 3 Alaudding Khilji 4 Feroze Tughlaq

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Whose memories are titled “Smriti Ki Rekhayen” 1 Harivansh Rai Bachchan 2 Mahadevi Verma 3 Sumitra Nandan Pant 4 Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’

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Ramsay Macdonald?s Communal Award gave (a) Privy purses to native princes (b) Communal representation to Muslims (c) Reservations to Sikhs in elections (d) Separate electorates for depressed classes

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Which of the following minerals dominates the composition of the Earth?s crust? 1 Quartz 2 Mica 3 Feldspars 4 Limestone

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Who was the member of the Rajya Sabha when first appointed as the Prime Minister of India ? a) Lal Bahadur Shastri b) Indira Gandhi c) Morarji Desai d) Charan Singh

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