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Constitution provide protection to freedom of press through

(1) Art. 14

(2) Art. 21

(3) Art. 32

(4) Art. 19

Constitution provide protection to freedom of press through (1) Art. 14 (2) Art. 21 (3) Art..

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( 4 ) Art. 19

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goverment asked question paper with answer

1 Answers   Ambuja, Government, ITI, RRB, RSB, UPPCL,

M K Gandhi was born on October 2. Another famous Indian also born on this day-was: (a) Sardar Patel (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri (c) Rabindra Nath Tagore (d) Bhagar Singh (e) Rajendra Prasad

3 Answers   RRB,

An aircraft takes off at the speed of 100km/hr at an angle of 30o runaway. What is the velocity of the aircraft along the runaway? 1 86.6 km/hr 2 1.96 km/hr 3 3.94 km/hr 4 2.92 km/hr

1 Answers  

The constituent assembly which framed the constituent for independent India was set up in? a) 1945 b) 1946 c) 1947 d) 1949

1 Answers  

The Highest urbanization in India is found in : (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Maharashtra (4) Uttar Pradesh

2 Answers  

A stream makes canyons during its: (a) youth stage (b) mature stage (c) old stage

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Name the latest Nobel Prize winners?

0 Answers   IBPS,

The purest form of water is (A) Rain water (B) Heavy water (C) Tap water (D) Distilled water

19 Answers   Akash, Assam Rifles, Banking, College School Exams Tests, Cooperative Service Commission, Medical, Niper,

Akbar was succeeded by his son: (a) Jahangir (b) Humayun (c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangzeb

4 Answers  

Who got the Rammon Magases Award 2007 this year.

3 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

We always see the same face of the moon because (A) It is smaller then the earth. (B) It revolves on its axis in a direction opposite to that of the earth. (C) It takes equal time for both revolution around the earth and rotation on its own axis (D) It rotates at the same speed as the earth around the sun.

1 Answers