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Which of the following is not a function of kidneys?

1 Regulation of blood pressure

2 Secretion of antibiotics

3 Removal of urine

4 Regulation of acidity of body fluids

Which of the following is not a function of kidneys? 1 Regulation of blood pressure 2 Secretio..

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(2) Secretion of antibiotics

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The President of India nominates to the Rajya Sabha members out of those who (a) Belong to the Armed Forces (b) Belong to the Backward Classes (c) Belong to the royal families (d) Have distinguished themselves in the field of Literature, Science, Art and Social services

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Who was the founder of All-India Harijan Sangh in 1932? 1 M.K.Gandhi 2 b.R.Ambedkar 3 Jagjivan Ram 4 Vinoba bhave

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During 2003-04, which one of the following companies wasw declared the top grosser among IT Software and service exporters? 1 Patni computer Systems 2 Infosys Technologies 3 TCS 4 Wipro Technologies

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The blood pressure values of four persons are given below: 1. Mrs. X 90/60 2. Mr. X 160/120 3. Mr. Y 120/80 4. Mrs. Y 140/100 who among the following has normal blood pressure? (a) Mrs. X (b) Mr. X (c) Mrs. Y (d) Mr. Y

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Is the Prime Minister bound to advise the president on matters on which his advice is sought ? a) Yes b) No c) It is discretionary d) Yes, if the council of ministers so desires

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Dilwara Temple, located at Mount Abu, is a (A) Buddhist Monastery (B) Sikh Gurudwara (C) Jain Temple (D) Birla Temple

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Sarkaria Commission was set up for reviewing the relations between (1) The Prime ?Minister and the President (2) Legislature and Executive (3) Executive and the Judiciary (4) Centre and the States

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Which is the first public sector unit in India to be disinvested? 1 CMC Ltd. 2 Modern Food Industries 3 BALCO 4 Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

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There were four great preachers of Vaishnavism, Three of them were Nimbarka, Ramanuja and Madhava. The fourth was: (a) Vallabha (b) Shankaracharya (c) Jayadeva (d) Vidyapati

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. The oldest monarchy in the world is that of (a) U.K (b) Nepal (c) Saudi Arabia (d) Japan

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The poet Harisena was the courtier of: (a) Samudragupta (b) Skandagupta (c) Chandragupta II (d) Lakshman Sena

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What is the name of second stealth warship launched by India ? (a) Aravalli (b) Nilgiri (c) Satpura (d) vindhya

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