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. A point is selected at random inside a rectangle and
perpendiculars are drawn on each side from the point. The
sum of these perpendiculars is 24 cm. If the length of the
rectangle is 3 times the width, the perimeter of the
rectangle will be

(a) 36 cm

(b) 42 cm

(c) 24 cm

(d) 48 cm

. A point is selected at random inside a rectangle and perpendiculars are drawn on each side from t..

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(d) 48 cm

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The final power to reprieve or remit a punishment and/or to commute death sentence rests with the: (a) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India (b) President of India (c) Prime Minister (d) Attorney-General

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Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, was born in: (a) Medina (b) Kaaba (c) Mecca (d) Kufa

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On which day we celebrate the youth day? a) jan 9 b) jan 12 c) jan 24 d) jan 31

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Anand, situated somewhere between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, is famous for 1 Electrical goods 2 Milk products 3 Sandalwood forests 4 Leather works

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Can the Parliament reduce the salary of the President? (a) No, not during the term of his office (b) Yes, by simple majority (c) Yes, by getting approval of the States (d) Yes, by PM?s approval

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Whom did Justin Henin-Hardenne defeat in the finals of the French Open 2003 to win the title? 1 Serena Williams? 2 Venus Williams 3 Jennifer Capriati 4 Kim Clijsters

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Government should provide health care to all people.To what extent you agree or disagree?

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Shahjahan rebelled against Jahangir because : (a) Jahangir did not like him (b) Jahangir wanted to send him away to he Deccan (c) Nurjahan wanted to place Shahryar, her own son-in-law, on the throne of Delhi (d) None of the above

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The proceeds of the India Resurgence Bond with NRI?s as a major contributor is used for (a) returning loans taken from World Bank and IMF (b) strengthening Foreign Exchange reserves (c) investment in infrastructure sector (d) Meeting Defence expenditure

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Of which university, the Kellogg School of Management is a part? 1 Columbia University 2 New York University 3 North-Western University 4 None of the above

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By which amendment, the power to amend the Constitution was specifically conferred upton the Parliament? (a) 24th Amendment (b) 42nd Amendment (c) 52nd Amendment (d) 56th Amendment

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The slogan ?Make Life Simple? associated with 1 SBI card 2 BOB card 3 Standard Chartered Bank Card 4 None of these

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