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The longest bone in the human body is

1 Stirrup

2 Back bone

3 Thigh bone

4 Gullet

The longest bone in the human body is 1 Stirrup 2 Back bone 3 Thigh bone 4 Gullet..

Answer / guest

(3) Thigh bone

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A hard disk containing 10 disk with 100 cylinders, 50 sectors/cylinder and storing 800 bytes/sector has the storage capacity of (A) 56 MB (B) 64 MB (C) 72 MB (D) 80 MB

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Any foreign particle which stimulates the formation of antibodies is called ? a) Histone b) Antigen c) Receptor d) Antibiotic

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Where is the ?Hussain Sagar Lake? situated? (a) Mumbai (b) Pune (c) Hyderabad (d) Bangalore

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The name of the world?s first black spaceman is: (a) Prensa Latina (b) Arnaldo Amayao Mendez (c) Yury Rumanenko (d) Robert Mendereze

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Chronicle of an impossible Election is the latest book by which of the following persons ? (a) M.S. Gill (b) T.N. Seshan (c) T.S. Krishnamurthy (d) J.M. Lyngdoh

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Antara is the news agency of 1 Egypt 2 Indonesia 3 Grey Book 4 White Paper

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Which two of the following nationalized banks have been merged as per the recommendation of the Narasimham Committee? (a) New Bank of India and Bank of India (b) Central Bank of India and Corporation Bank (c) Parur Bank of India and Bank of India (d) Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India

6 Answers   Dena Bank,

The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is 1 Soft glass 2 Pyrex glass 3 Jena glass 4 Flint glass

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Which country won the FIFA World Cup Football Championship 2002? (a) Germany (b) Brazil (c) France (d) Italy

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Generally temperature decreases with increase in: (a) latitude (b) longitude (c) sclerophyllou

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Ramanujam?s name is associated with: (A) Theory of Probability (B) Theory of Numbers (C) Theory of Relativity (D) Raman?s Effect

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Name the famous writer who has acted in “Massey Sahib”: 1 Khushwant Singh 2 Arundhati Roy 3 Vikram Seth 4 Kamal Das

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