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The first History book was written by:

(a) Othelo

(b) Julius Caesar

(c) Herodotus

(d) Aristotle

The first History book was written by: (a) Othelo (b) Julius Caesar (c) Herodotus (d..

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( c ) Herodotus

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Which company has announced its plans to launch an electric version of three-wheelers by January 2006? 1 Tata Motors 2 Bajaj 3 Mahindra & Mahindra 4 None of these

1 Answers  

No Money Bill can be introduced in the Lok Sabha without the prior approval of the (a) Vice-President (b) President (c) Prime Minister (d) Finance Minister

3 Answers   Finance,

The RBI announces Credit Policy twice in a year. What is the significance of the Credit Policy. Which of the following is/are the CORRECT statement(s) in this regard?A) It is a measure to influence the amount of money and credit in Indian economy.B) Credit Policy is a control on the rate of interest offered by the Banks on their products.C) It is an indication to the market that how they can plan their production decisions.D) It is the green signal to the Union Government that they can plan their budget and introduce new taxes if they so desire. (1) Only A (2) Only A & B (3) Only B & C (4) Only A, B & C (5) None of these

1 Answers  

The dictator of Italy during the first half of 20th century was (A) Stalin (B) Lenin (C) Napoleon (D) Mussolini

1 Answers  

The real powers in the Central Government are enjoyed, according to the Constitution of India by the: (a) President of India (b) Vice-President of India (c) Prime Minister of India (d) Council of Ministers

2 Answers  

The tem ?Naskh? s related to (1) Weapons of War (2) Hindustani Music (3) Muslim Calligraphy (4) Administrative system

3 Answers  

What does the Car festival of Puri commemorate? (a) Krishna?s bal-lila (b) Krishna?s love for the gopies (c) Krishna?s journey from Gokul to Mathura (d) Krishna?s ras-lila with the gopies

1 Answers  

Jainism believed in all of the following except (a) non-violence (b) theory of Karma (c) nirvana (d) divinity of the Vedas

1 Answers  

Can the Parliament of India amend the Fundamental Rights? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Never (d) None of these

2 Answers   DELL,

The compound used as an antimalarial drug is (A) Aspirin (B) Chloroquin (C) Penicillin (D) Hydroquinione

2 Answers  

Who among the following decided to retire from 1st class cricket recently? 1 Virendra Sehwag 2 Rahul Dravid 3 J.Shrinath 4 None of these

1 Answers  

The largest source of revenue in India is (1) Sales tax (2) Excise duty (3) Income tax (4) Corporate tax

22 Answers   Banaras Hindu University BHU, Bank of Maharashtra, Banking, CLAT, Court, CPO, CUSAT, Excise Department, IAF, IB Intelligence Bureau, IBPS, ICICI, Indian Overseas Bank, KSET, Reliance, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell, SNAP, SSC, State Bank Of India SBI, TCS,