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Impure blood form all parts of the body enters into the

1 Left auricle

2 Right auricle

3 Left ventricle

4 Right ventricle

Impure blood form all parts of the body enters into the 1 Left auricle 2 Right auricle 3 Le..

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(2) Right auricle

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Which is the major constituent of natural gas obtained from oil wells? 1 Methane 2 Ethane 3 Butane 4 Pentane

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Chemically Milksugar is known as: (1) Glucose (2) Maltose (3) Lactose (4) Sucrose

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Whose memories are titled “Smriti Ki Rekhayen” 1 Harivansh Rai Bachchan 2 Mahadevi Verma 3 Sumitra Nandan Pant 4 Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’

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Estrogens are secreted by 1 Follicle cells 2 Ovary 3 Germinal epithelium 4 Stroma

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Which one of the following Indian birds is highly endangered species? a) Golden Oriole b) Great Indian Bustard c) Indian Fantail Pigeon d) Indian Sunbird

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Ptolemy built a temple/museum to the goddess of art, literature and learning at: (a) Athens (b) Boukephala (c) Kabul (d) Alexandria

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The first company to introduce a cellular phone with a colour display is 1 Ericsson 2 Siemens 3 Pure Magic 4 Nokia

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In human systems, vitamins cannot (A) Help in digestion (B) Help in metabolizing drugs (C) Help in growth (D) Supply energy

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Japan is member of which of the following trading blocks? 1 NAFTA 2 APEC 3 SAFTA 4 Mercusor

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Which one of the following States has no sea opening? (a) Orissa (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Bihar (d) West Bengal

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. A rectangular sheet of aluminium foil measuring 5 cm by 10 cm is rolled into a cylinder of height 10 cm. If the cost of painting the cylinder is Rs. 2/- per, then the cost of painting the outer surface of the cylinder will be (a) Rs. 400/- (b) Rs. 200/- (c) Rs. 150/- (d) Rs. 100/-

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The most important ore of aluminum is ? a) Bauxite b) Calamine c) Calcite d) Galena

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