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If father and mother are possessing Rh+ve and Rh-ve

their children will have the blood group with

1 Rh+ve

2 Rh-ve

3 Rh neutral

4 None of these

If father and mother are possessing Rh+ve and Rh-ve respectively, their children will have the b..

Answer / guest

(1) Rh+ve

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Which one of these countries has no coast line? (a) China (b) Hungary (c) Spain (d) Sweden

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. Which one of the following upheavals took place in Bengal immediately after the revolt in 1857? (a) Sanyasi Rebellion (b) Santal Rebellion (c) Indigo Disturbances (d) Pabna Disturbances

2 Answers   HPSC Haryana Public Service Commission,

Which Australian state is an island? (a) Victoria (b) Western Australia (c) Queensland (d) Tasmania

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Which of the following organizations/banks has created a Rs.50,000 crore Rural Development Fund know as Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Fund? 1 State Bank of India 2 ICICI Bank 3 NABARD 4 SIDBI

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Bombay-Ahmedabad industrial region dominates in Cotton textile production in India because (1) It lies close to one of the important Cotton producing areas of India (2) It can import good quality cotton from Egypt (3) It has developed the necessary entrepreneurial skill (4) All the above reasons

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During the period of which of the following was ‘Panchtrantra’ written? a) Nandas b) Mauryas c) Guptas d) Sungas

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Who is the President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)? (1) Venkayya naidu (2) Kushabhau Thakre (3) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (4) Murali Manohar Joshi

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National Award for Popularising Science was instituted in the year: (a) 1980 (b) 1987 (c) 1985 (d) 1981

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As per the budget proposals of the Union Government for the year 2003-04, how much income tax one has to pay (in terms of the percentage of the taxable income) in the event of his/her being in the slab of income over Rs.1.5 lakh annually? 1 10% 2 20% 3 30% 4 45%

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A bill in the 3rd stage is: (a) introduced in the Rajya Sabha (b) discussed clause by clause (c) still in the stage of introduction (d) goes to the President for final approval

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The Panchmarhi hill station is located in which of the following States? (a) Maharashtra (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Timil Nadu

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The Central Bank in India is (1) SBI (2) NABARD (3) SHB (4) RBI

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