Which of the following is known as ?graveyard of RBCS??

1 Liver

2 Bone marrow

3 Spleen

4 appendix

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Answer / guest

(3) Spleen

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Answer / n. s. meitei

3. Spleen

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Answer / piyush

The spleen is often reffered to as the graveyard of red
blood cells, because the majority of them get distroyed there

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Answer / majid ali

spleen is the graveyard of RBCs.

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Answer / aliyan jutt

graveyard of rbc is SPLEEN because the iron as well as heomoglobin are extracted from rbc by spleen and then are sent to bonemarrow(iron+heomoglobin) for generation of more rbcs and the dead bodies are present in spleen or are sent to liver for bile formation

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Answer / pankaj kumar


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Answer / aliyan jutt

spleen is graveyard

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Answer / ajaz ahmad wani

Spleen as it is lymphatic organ which receives dead rbc breaks them into haem nd globin a protein which is then converted to bilirubin nd biliverdin which then forms a pary of bile so spleen is called graveyard of rbcs

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Answer / aishwarya.s


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Answer / deepanshu shekhar

(1)Liver is the graveyard of RBC.

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