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Red ? Green color blindness in man is known as

1 Protanopia

2 Deuteranopia

3 Both (a) & (b)

4 Mar fan?s syndrome

Red ? Green color blindness in man is known as 1 Protanopia 2 Deuteranopia 3 Both (a) &..

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(1) Protanopia

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A person climbing a hill bends forward in order to a) avoid slipping b) increase speed c) reduce fatigue d) increase stability

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Garba, a popular folk dance, is associated with: (a) Rajasthan (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Gujarat

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?Election Commission taken aback President?s anusual order? was a main news in all national dailies during December ?97. which of the following part of the order was anusual for Election Commission? 1 He did not consult the Election Commission before giving the order for dissolution 2 He did not address the customary joint session of the Parliament before dissolving lower house 3 The election Commission was surprised over giving a deadline for the constitution of the new Lok Sabha 4 None of these

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From which of the following Constitutions we have not borrowed any feature? (a) Constitution of U.S.A. (b) Constitution of China (c) Constitution of Canada (d) Constitution of U.K.

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Ms.Anna Kournikova who was in India recently is a famous 1 Cine artist from Russia 2 Tennis player from Russia 3 Cricketer 4 None of these

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The blood glucose level is commonly expressed as (a) Millimeter of Hg (b) Milligrame per deciliter (c) Parts per million (d) Grammes per litre

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Among the following elements which one is present in chlorophyll? (1) Cobalt (2) Iron (3) Magnesium (4) Calcium

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The ?Lepchas? are mostly found in an Indian State namely: (a) Assam (b) Arunachal Pradesh (c) Sikkim (d) Jammu & Kashmir

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how many depots are in a.p

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Which country awards the Nobel Prize? (a) USA (b) UK (c) Russia (d) Sweden (e) Switzerland

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Which disease is more common among agricultural workers as compared to urban population ? (a) Lung?s disease (b) Cirrhosis of liver (c) Hookworm infection (d) Cancer

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The skull is constituted of ?. Bones 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5

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