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If one chews an unsweetened chapatti for a short time, a

distinctly sweetish taste becomes noticeable because

1 Carbohydrate is converted into sugar in the mouth

2 Protein is converted into sugar in the mouth

3 Fat is converted into sugar in the mouth

4 None of these

If one chews an unsweetened chapatti for a short time, a distinctly sweetish taste becomes notice..

Answer / guest

(1) Carbohydrate is converted into sugar in the mouth

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Which one of the following is a disqualification for a Member of the Lok Sabha? (a) Unsound mind (b) Undischarged insolvent (c) An alien (d) All the above

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The first Governor of Andhra Pradesh (1) Maharaja Bhavanagar (2) V.M. Vellodi (3) B. Ramakrishna Rao (4) C.M. Trivedi

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The Government of India has released a sum of Rs??.. for revamping Steel Authority of India 1 Rs.2,000 crore 2 Rs.6,000 crore 3 Rs.8,000 crore 4 Rs.5,000 crore

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According to Census 2001, which one of the following States has the highest population? 1 Assam 2 Chhattisgarh 3 Jharkhand 4 Punjab

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Why was the Parliament in Kuwait dissolved in 1999 before the expiry of its terms? 1 The Emir of Kuwait decided to hand over the power to his son and retire from active politics 2 Following en masse resignations by the legislators, the Government ran into minority 3 Some ministers and top ranking officials were found involved in a financial racket which brought bad name to the country 4 None of these

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Why was Meera in the news recently? A. She is the daughter of the Pakistani President who extended an invitation to Rahul Gandhi to visit Pakistan B. She is the wife of the Pakistani Cricket Captain Inzamam-ul-Haque C. She is the Iran born Narwegian citizen deported by the Indian Government for violation of her tourist visa D. She is the Pakistani actress detained by the immigration Officers at Delhi at Delhi airport, who was invited by the film maker Mahesh Bhatt to attend an Indo-Pak Peace March of Nizamuddin Dargah

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The river Damodar rises in the : (a) Rajasthan State (b) Gujarat State (c) Chhotanagpur Plateau (d) Arunachal Pradesh hills

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The graceful Ras dances of Manipur are performed by: (a) only men (b) only women (c) only women and young girls (d) all of the three above

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The leading producer of silver is: (a) USA (b) Russia (c) Mexico (d) South Africa

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?The Lord of Rings : The Return of the King? won Oscar award in how many categories ? (a) 10 (b) 9 (c) 11 (d) 12

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Consider the following elements : 112 Cobalt 113 Phosphorus 114 Zinc Which of the above elements are required for maintaining healthy human body? (a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 3 (d) 1, 2 and 3

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Which instrument is played by Bismillah Khan? (a) Flute (b) Tabla (c) Shehnai (d) Sarod (e) Sarangi

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