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The pitch of the voice of women is generally

1 Same as that of men

2 Higher than that of men

3 Much lower than that of men

4 None of these

The pitch of the voice of women is generally 1 Same as that of men 2 Higher than that of men ..

Answer / guest

(2) Higher than that of men

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The capital of the Pandavas was: (a) Indraprastha (b) Kurukshetra (c) Hastinapur (d) None of the above

2 Answers  

What is laughing gas? 1 Carbon dioxide 2 Sulphur dioxide 3 Hydrogen peroxide 4 Nitrous oxide

3 Answers  

The major part of ?? is cultivated by the Periyar river: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Karnataka (c) Kerala (d) Maharashtra

2 Answers  

Yeast is used in making bread because it produces 1 CO2 2 O2 3 Sugar 4 Bacteria

3 Answers   CSS,

State with the largest foodgrain production in: (a) MP (b) UP (c) AP (d) Punjab

17 Answers   GK companies, Honda, KEC, L&T, MBA,

Who was the first President of USA? (a) Abraham Lincoln (b) Wilson Woodrow (c) George Washington (d) Thomas Jefferson

2 Answers  

Who among the following has issued various accounting standards to be followed by the various companies in India? (1) Registrar of Companies (2) Ministry of Finance, Government of India (3) Accounting Standards Board of ICAI (4) Indian Bureau of Standards (5) World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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From which part of the saffron plant is saffron obtained? (1) Dry flower buds (2) Dry calyx (3) Stigma (4) Dry petals

1 Answers  

In 2004, the World Economic Forum met at 1 Davos 2 Vienna 3 Paris 4 London

1 Answers  

Toyota irloskar autp part plant has been inaugurated in 1 Bangalore 2 Chennai 3 Pune 4 Varanasi

2 Answers  

Where is the OPEC head office located? a) Geneva b) Vietnam c)Singapore

9 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

Which one of the following is the petroleum wax? 1 Bees wax 2 Carnauba wax 3 Paraffin wax 4 Jojoba wax

1 Answers   CoHo,