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Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal?

1 Aluminum

2 Iron

3 Nickel

4 Cabalt

Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal? 1 Aluminum 2 Iron 3 Nickel 4 Cabalt..

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(4) Aluminum

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Helsinki is the capital of 1 Egypt 2 Cyprus 3 Italy 4 None of these

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. The earnings of India from diamond export is quite high. Which one of the following factors has contributed to it? (a) Pre-independence stock-piling of diamonds in the country which are now exported (b) Large production of industrial diamonds in the country (c) Expertise available for cutting and polishing of imported diamonds which are then exported (d) As in the past, India produces huge quantity of gem diamonds which are exported

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On Julyu 23,2003, India?s first matrimonial service on mobile phone was launched by the consortium of 1 BPL Mobile and Escotel 2 Escotel and RPG Cellular 3 Escotel, BPl Mobile and Spice Cellular 4 BPL Mobile, Escotel RPG Cellular and Spice Cellular

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Rourkela steel plant gets its supplies of iron ore from a) Keonijhar b) Mayurbhanj c) Delli-Rajhara d) Kamangundi

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. Most of the reform movements were started in Bengal because: (a) The British rule was established there first (b) The Christian missionaries were active there (c) Common man was oppressed (d) The people were educated

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