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. Two persons start walking at a steady pace of 3 km/hour
from a road intersection along two roads that make an angle
of 600 with each other. What will be the (shortest) distance
separating them at the end of 20 minutes?

(a) 3 km

(b) 2 km

(c) 1.5 km

(d) 1 km

. Two persons start walking at a steady pace of 3 km/hour from a road intersection along two roads ..

Answer / guest

(d) 1 km

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

Entrance to the Indian Civil Service was made possible for the Indians by: (a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Canning (c) Lord Lytton (d) Lord Ripon

2 Answers  

. Given below are two statements, one labeled as Assertion(A) and the other labeled as Reason(R): Assertion(A) : The U.S.A re-emerged as India’s single largest import source in the early nineties. Reason(R) : With swift political developments in the erstwhile Soviet Union, India gradually began to rely on the U.S.A for it defence requirements. In the context of the above, two statements which one of the following is correct? (a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A (b) Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A (c) A is true but R is false (d) A is false but R is false

1 Answers  

Which of the following is the second most abundant metal in the earth’s crust ? a) Copper b) Aluminum c) Iron d) Zinc

1 Answers  

The language spoken by the largest number of people in the world is (a) Hindi (b) English (c) Mandarin (d) Spanish

5 Answers   CLAT,

Highest salaried C.E.O. in India (1) Wipro ? Premji (2) Infosis ? Narayana Murthy (3) Reddy Labs ? Dr. Anji Reddy (4) Appolo Hospitals ? Dr. Pratap Reddy

3 Answers  

Which country in 2003 cracked down on the ULFA militants and destroyed their base? (A) Palestine (B) Myanamar (C) Bhutan (D) Syria

1 Answers  

The long term fiscal policy proposes to maintain the stability of (a) Direct tax rates (b) Indirect tax rates (c) Ratio of tax revenue to national income (d) Ratio of direct tax revenue to revenue from indirect taxes

2 Answers   LIC,

When the Prime Minister reshuffles his Ministers once and again, what does it denote? (a) The Prime Minister is very powerful (b) The Government is not stable (c) The Prime Minister is unable to provide leadership to his team (d) The Council of Ministers is not working harmoniously

1 Answers  

Any dispute regarding the violation of fundamental rights can be presented ? a) In the Supreme Court only b) In the High Court only c) Either in the Supreme Court or in the High Court d) First in the Supreme Court and then in the High Court

1 Answers  

Mrs Junko Tabei, who created history on May 16, 1975 by becoming the world?s first woman to reach the 8,848 metre (29,002 ft) high Everest peak belongs to which of the following countries ? (a) Japan (b) Tibet (c) Thailand (d) Nepal

5 Answers   TPSC,

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is situated in the vicinity of: (a) Gujarat (b) Rajasthan (c) Maharashtra (d) Karnataka

1 Answers  

Soap is a mixture of sodium or potassium salts of 1 Monocarboxylic acids 2 Glycerol?s 3 Dicarboxylic acids 4 Tricarboxylic acids

2 Answers   RRB,