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. The first bird is believed to have appeared on the surface
of the earth

(a) 300 million years ago

(b) 200 million years ago

(c) 150 million years ago

(d) 100 million years ago

. The first bird is believed to have appeared on the surface of the earth (a) 300 million years ..

Answer / guest

(c) 150 million years ago

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SAARC nations have proposed to abolish child labour by (1) 2000 AD (2) 2015 AD (3) 2005 AD (4) 2010 AD

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. Which one of the following approaches comes under the category of biotechnology? (a) Use of living organisms or substances obtained from them in industrial processes (b) Modernizing the commercial industries to produce products for use in biological research (c) Use of modern technology to investigate biological disorders (d) Use of industrial technology to increase the biosphere

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Why was prince Edward recently in the news? 1 He was on a visit to India 2 He took over as the Secretary-General of the UNO 3 He will be the new Prime Minister of Britain 4 He was married to Sophie

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Indian Railways has been organized into how many Zones? 1 17 2 15 3 14 4 16

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The 25th Indian state to achieve statehood is ? a) Goa b) Arunachal Pradesh c) Mizoram d) Sikkim

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Which of the following is not true regarding production of tea in India? 1 The east and the north-east States account for 82% of the total tea growing area in India 2 India is the largest producer of tea in the world 3 Indian tea is not found suitable for export as the quality is far inferior to Kenyan tea 4 India produces good varieties of CTC tea

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The punch line ?Cook food. Serve love? is associated with 1 Bharat Gas 2 Indane 3 LG Micro Oven 4 Super Flame

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The ad line ?Connecting people? is linked with which company/ 1 Hutch 2 Airtel 3 Reliance Infocomm 4 None of these

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Which one of the following rulers introduced the system of keeping the description of soldiers and also branding of horses? (a) Akbar (b) Shahjehan (c) Babar (d) Sher Shah

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Which of the following statements about the Panama Canal is incorrect? (a) Over half of the shipping is domestic traffic between the east and west coasts of the USA (b) The canal has improved the trade of the Caribbean countries (c) The route?s greatest dis-advantage is that it is seriously affected by fog making shipping dangerous (d) Goods handled are mainly oil, cotton, coffee, ores and manufactured goods (e) It has virtually replaced the long and arduous Cape Horn route

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With which of the following countries, despite 1997 boundary agreement, India has recently signed an agreement to expedite the process of resolving border dispute? 1 Bangladesh 2 China 3 Nepal 4 Russia

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