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. Toramana belonged to the ethnic horde of the

(a) Scythians

(b) Hunas

(c) Yue-chis

(d) Sakas

. Toramana belonged to the ethnic horde of the (a) Scythians (b) Hunas (c) Yue-chis (d) ..

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(b) Hunas

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There are five beautiful temples built at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. These temples are known as: (a) Vishnu temples (b) Bhairav temples (c) Mahakala temples (d) Dilwara temples

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National sport of Australia is: (a) Football (b) Cricket (c) Hockey (d) Tennis

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The foul smell of rancid butter is due to (a) Butyric acid (b) Caproic acid (c) Stearic acid (d) Palmitic acid

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Where on India?s coast line is the vehement sea erosion problem faced? (a) Gujarat (b) Goa (c) Orissa (d) Kerala

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The charcoal use to decolorizes raw sugar is 1 Animal charcoal 2 Sugar charcoal 3 Coconut charcoal 4 Wood charcoal

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With which book, do you relate Raj Kamal Jha? (A) The Golden Gate (B) The Wings of Fire: An autobiography (C) The Blue Bedspread (D) Pride of India

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The sun consists mostly of 1 Helium 2 Hydrogen 3 Nitrogen 4 Oxygen

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The protocol that is used to transfer files from one machine to another on Internet is (A) TCP/IP (B) FTP (C) HTTP (D) PPP

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Plants growing in dry habitats are: (a) xerophytes (b) hygrophytes (c) mesophytes

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Which of the following films is directed by Michael Moore and is in the news these days? 1 Farenheit 9/11 2 Monster 3 Autumn in New York 4 Fright Night

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NABARD Stands for 1 National Bank for As\rboriculture and Rural Development 2 National Board for Advanced Research and Development 3 National Body for Aeronautical Research and Development 4 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

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Rank of the following countries attracting FDI (as per World Investment Report 2004) in order: (I)India; (II)China; (III)Singapore; (IV)Hongkong (A)II, III, IV, I (B)IV, I, III, II (C)II, III, IV, I (D)I, III, IV, II

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