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. The basic reason for the extraordinary sparkle of a
suitably cut diamond is that

(a) It has a very high transparency

(b) It has a very high refractive index

(c) It is very hard

(d) It has well-defined cleavage planes

. The basic reason for the extraordinary sparkle of a suitably cut diamond is that (a) It has a ..

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(b) It has a very high refractive index

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Phakir Mohan Senapati, Radhanath Raya and Madhusudan Rao are known as the famous trio of: (a) Oriya literature (b) Assamese literature (c) Gujarati literature (d) Hindi literature

1 Answers  

TRAI stands for: (A) Total Reorganisation Aircraft Industry (B) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (C) Telecommunications and Regulations Act of India (D) None of the above

3 Answers  

The Rajya Sabha is: (a) dissolved once in two years (b) dissolved after every four years (c) adjourned every six months (d) not subject to dissolution

2 Answers   ONGC, RRB,

The all India Muslim League was founded under the leadership of: (a) Maulana Mohammed Ali (b) Hasan Imam and mazharul Haque (c) The Agha Khan and Mohsinul Mulk (d) Hakim Ajmal Khan and Zafar Ali Khan

2 Answers   SSC,

In the event of the breakdown of the constitution machinery of any state, under which of the following articles can the president rule be imposed? 1 352 2 256 3 360 4 370

2 Answers  

. Bush Government attacked and ousted Mr. Ortega from his country because (a) He is a communist (b) He is helped by Soviet Russia (c) He is a black-mailor of drugs (d) He sacked Contors

1 Answers  

The famous dance form of Kerala is: (a) Kuchipudi (b) Kathak (c) Kathakali (d) All the three above

3 Answers   RRB,

The deposition work by glaciers is called: (a) Moraine (b) Point bars (c) Yardang

2 Answers  

Which of the following statemsnts is not correct? 1 India is the largest oil-seeds and vegetable oil producing country in the world 2 Inida is the second largest exporter of jute goods in the world 3 India is the largest producer of silk in the world 4 India is the second largest producer of three-wheeler motor vehicles in the world

2 Answers  

. Charcoal is added with the sugar at the time manufacturing because (a) It reduces all impurities (b) It oxidates the sugar (c) It reduces the colouring (d) It is caused for whiteness in colour

1 Answers  

Famous ?Oscar Awards? are presented by the : (a) American Motion Pictures Association (b) World Film Society (c) American Film Society (d) Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences

1 Answers  

Income that is reduced from total income for purposes of taxation is a/an 1 Exemption 2 Rebate 3 Deduction 4 None of these

1 Answers