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. The theory of ‘jumping genes’ was propounded by

(a) Gregor Johann Mandel

(b) Thomas Hunt Morgan

(c) Barbara McClintock

(d) Watson and Crick

. The theory of ‘jumping genes’ was propounded by (a) Gregor Johann Mandel (b) Thomas Hunt..

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(c) Barbara McClintock

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Afro-Asian Games held in (1) Nigeria (2) South Africa (3) Hyderabad (4) Japan

3 Answers  

How can the Indian citizenship be terminated ? (a) By renunciation (b) By termination (c) By deprivation (d) All of the above

1 Answers  

In which among the following is the female literacy rate highest? 1 Chandigarh 2 Delhi 3 Mizoram 4 Pondicherry

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Indian Navy has: (a) 6 Fleets (b) 2 Fleets (c) 39 Fleets (d) 4 Fleets

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The invocatory number with which Bharat Natyam performance begins is called: (a) Vamam (b) Jathi Swaram (c) Alarippu (d) Thillana

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Modern Punjabi literature begins with the works of: (a) Bhai Vir Singh (b) Puran Singh (c) Amrita Pritam (d) Mohan Singh

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?Munda? and ?Santhali? belong to 1 The Dravidian family of languages 2 The Austric family of languages 3 The Sino-Tibetan family of languages 4 The Sino-Tibetan family of languages

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Which of the following States has literacy rate lower than the national average? 1 Uttar Pradesh 2 Rajasthan 3 Orrisa 4 Bihar

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?Abhinav Bharat? was organized by (a) Bhai Parmanand (b) Khudiram Bose (c) Vir Savarkar (d) None of these

1 Answers   MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, Tata Technologies,

Who among the following Delhi Sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism? 1 Iltutmish 2 Balban 3 Alaudding Khilji 4 Feroze Tughlaq

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Under the Cabinet Mission Plan, the Constituent Assembly was to consist of (a) 500 members (b) 389 members (c) 349 members (d) 400 members

1 Answers  

Which of the following is not true regarding the attorney general of India ? a) He represents Government in any reference made by the president under article 143 b) His consent is necessary for initiating proceedings for contempt, in certain cases c) His consent is necessary for finalization of appointment of judges to state high courts d) He appears in courts of law on behalf of the houses of parliament or the speaker

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