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In an oxygen tube, which of the following gases is preferred
these days to be mixed with oxygen?

(1) nitrogen

(2) helium

(3) argon

(4) carbon dioxide

In an oxygen tube, which of the following gases is preferred these days to be mixed with oxygen? ..

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( 1 ) nitrogen

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Suvidha Fixed Deposit Scheme was launched by ???? Bank (1) IDBI (2) ICICI (3) SBI (4) City Bank

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. Even though Pluto is usually the farthest planet its path is highly elliptical, crossing inside the path of some other planet. As a result, for a period of twenty years from 1979 the farthest planet is not Pluto but (a) Jupiter (b) Saturn (c) Uranus (d) Neptune

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SAARC COMPRISES India, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and: (1) Madagascar (2) Cuba (3) Sri Lanka (4) Denmark

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In Homo sapiens, fertilization occurs in the 1 Uterus 2 Ovary 3 Vagina 4 Oviduct

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The major part of ?? is cultivated by the Periyar river: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Karnataka (c) Kerala (d) Maharashtra

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The main achievement of the American Revolution was the establishment of a republic which was not truly democratic because: (a) the right to vote was limited (b) women had no votes (c) election laws favoured men of property (d) slavery was not abolished

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Kanchanamala is a famous (1) Telugu Poetess of Modern Andhra (2) Lady Minister in the canbinet of T.Prakasam (3) Telugu cinema heroine of yester years (4) Andhra sports woman of international fame

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The ?Servants of India Society? was founded by: (a) Annie Besant (b) Gopalakrishna Gokhale (c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

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After drinking alcohol, a person walks clumsily because, the alcohol affects his 1 Cerebellum 2 Cerebrum 3 Medulla oblongata 4 Spinal cord

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How is nigh blindness cured? (1) By eating carrots which contain carotene (2) By taking medicines (3) By standing in the sun (4) By using spectacles

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. What was the effect of the feudatory system (a) The king became weak (b) Peasants became dissatisfied (c) The kind became powerful (d) None of these

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The ad line ?Connecting India? is linked with 1 BSNL 2 Airtel 3 MTNL 4 Hutch

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