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. Indian expertise was recently used in the archaeological
restoration of the monuments at

(a) Angkor Wat

(b) Jerusalem

(c) Rome

(d) Yucatan

. Indian expertise was recently used in the archaeological restoration of the monuments at (a) A..

Answer / guest

(a) Angkor Wat

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Any company, which is set up by an act of the Indian Parliament:1) has to get its accounts audited by CAG2) does not have to has its accounts audited by CAG3) has to place its audited accounts before the Parliament (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 2 and 3 (D) Only 1 and 3

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Name the State which has recently allowed 97 universities in private sector to function? (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Jharkhand (c) Chhattisgarh (d) Uttar Pradesh

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. Which one of the following provides the correct sequence of occurrence of four town/cities as one proceeds from west to east? (a) Rajkot, Baroda, Kharagpur, Bilaspur (b) Bikaner, Aligarh, Darbhanga, Nowgong (c) Indore, Rourkela, Agartala, Jamshedpur (d) Nasik, aurangabad, Berhampur, Nanded

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Sachin Tendulkar has been signed as the brand ambassador by which telecom company? 1 Bharti 2 BSNL 3 MTNL 4 None of these

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The abbreviation ?OAS? stands for: (a) Organisation of Assian States (b) Organisation of African States (c) Organisation of American States (d) Organisation of Armed Servicemen

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Punjab has79 per cent irrigated agricultural land. Which one of the following State has the second position in this respect? (a) U P (b) Bihar (c) West Bengal (d) Haryana

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Condensation changes water vapours into: (a) solid or liquid form (b) solid form (c) gaseous or liquid form

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. Who among the following is not associated with medicine in ancient India? (a) Dhanvantri (b) Bhaskaracharya (c) Charaka (d) Susruta

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Who granted the permission to establish the first British factory at Hooghli in Bengal? 1 Shah Shuja 2 Murshid Quli khan 3 Shuja-ud-din 4 Alivardi Khan

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The British were able to conquer India by: (a) taking advantage of the political, social and economic weakness of Indian society (b) following a policy of war and conquest (c) the policy of divide and rule (d) establishing trade relations

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Which among the following foreign banks is completing 150 years of its establishment this year? 1 HSBC 2 Bank of Tokyo 3 Bank of America 4 None of these

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. The capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit singh was (a) Amritsar (b) Patiala (c) Lahore (d) Kapurthala

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